Lamination is the bonding of 3 materials together to improve endurance and comfort as well as provide new design options. We prefer to work with combining sustainable materials.

Flame lamination

The production method allows us to laminate any materials onto foam. No glue is used in the process, instead, the surface of the foam is melted and then used to bind the material to it. Today a variety of raw materials are available, that are more sustainable. Foam and scrims are now produced with reduction of CO2, bio based chemicals and from recycled waste.

Adhesive lamination

In this process you add a glue between the different layers. The adhesive can be either in powdered, web or film form. This process can also prefabricate textiles or laminates by adding adhesive layers for further processing. Many sustainable options are available, which enables Texla to offer products that meet new demands from the different markets.


Do you need materials precision-cut to fit your application? Texla supply more finished cut parts than ever before which follows our customers need of simplicity.

CNC cutting

Our CNC cutters are of latest modern versions and our CAD programs can handle most file formats when creating the cutting plans. The benefits with this process are automation, precision, reduction of waste and the possibility to deliver parts without defects. Dimensional shapes, holes and various features on the cut parts can be produced.

Die cutting

Die cutting with custom made tools according to drawings can be done with several tools on a board or as single knife operation. We can cut through many layers in one cut proficiently which makes this process very precise and efficient. Our customers prefer this technique for larger projects with a design that allows die cutting tools, where we can supply high volumes with precise cut parts without defects.


Our embossing process creates added value and uniqueness to the design of your laminated product. You as our customer has the design of your unique 3D pattern and Texla fulfil your vision into a finished product.

Roller embossing

From a roller with a pattern design that is unique for each customer or project the pattern is embossed into the fabric or laminated material. The roller embossing process allows for large batches to be processed on a continuous basis onto the laminated rolls. The design is created by our customers and we develop the technical drawing for the pattern roller.

Plate embossing

The plate embossing process imprints the material using custom tools. Precut sheets or parts are processed, and patterns are created on different materials. When you need your cut finished part embossed with a unique pattern, a logotype or a text, the plate embossing process is perfect. Whatever ideas you have, we can realize them.

Adhesive assembly

For special products, Texla offers adhesive assembly. This is an exclusive hands-on process, tailored to every customer’s needs. The process allows for more specialized assembly techniques that can combine different processed parts to produce finished components for the automotive industry. We have developed several techniques and are continuously looking for new challenging opportunities.

Leather process

The leather processing includes inspection, cutting, splitting, laminating and skiving leather parts, both laminated and pure leather. We have several solutions for laminating the leather and adding value to the final application.

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