A softer sustainable world

We are the lamination company that can combine all kinds of interior material into a new product by using lamination, embossing and cutting. We are the full-service supplier that takes pride into help you solve your problems. Get Involved with Texla and you will find more sustainable options!



Texla provides laminated and cut parts with high quality all over the world, into the automotive industry. We have been doing that for almost 60 years and are today a well-known partner to all the major Tier 1.


Texla works as a full-service supplier of laminated fabrics into the bedding industry. With soft sustainable solutions we can offer this industry the touch and design that is required by the knowledgeable bedding customers.


Texla knows how to work with new demands on sustainability and certificates within the interior world. With that knowledge we can provide the textile- and furniture producers a product that stands out from the crowd.

A well-positioned lamination partner

When you need a partner that can provide the level of service and quality that the Automotive Industry requires you don´t have to look further. With our 5 locations in Europe and Morocco you can place each project in the plant that is closest and get the same professional service from all of them. Give your project to us and we promise that we will take care of it throughout the entire cycle time.


Lamination is the bonding of 3 materials together to improve endurance and comfort as well as provide new design options. We prefer to work with combining sustainable materials.


Do you need materials precision-cut to fit your application? Texla supply more finished cut parts than ever before which follows our customers need of simplicity.


Our embossing process creates added value and uniqueness to the design of your laminated product. You as our customer has the design of your unique 3D pattern and Texla fulfil your vision into a finished product.

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New announcement from Texla!

We are happy to announce that Texla Industri AB Sweden has been certified according to IATF’s quality management system –...

Texla leadership training – ”Involve” in Prague.

Texla is celebrating 60 years!

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